IV therapy

IV therapy, a powerful resource

At Dolce Vita Wellness Spa, we are committed to cultivating an environment for our clients to feel reenergized so they can bring their best potential to everyday life. We are passionate about the wonders that Hydration IV Therapy can produce for mental clarity and physical recovery. The hydrating aspects of IVs reduce inflammation, improve the circulatory status, remove harmful toxins from the bloodstream, which helps our bodies to feel better after experiencing the benefits of these cleanses.

why IVS

IV therapy enters the body through the bloodstream, which leads to faster absorption. Oral hydration is processed through the digestive system, which delays the rate of rehydration. Not only does IV fluid bypass the delay of oral absorption, but it increases blood circulation, which encourages muscle recovery and reduces soreness.

why hydration

The human body is made up of 70% water. Since we are reliant on water, it is necessary to be fully hydrated for the body to perform at its highest potential. Dehydration’s common side effects are fatigue, joint pain, digestive issues, cramping, and headaches. The symptoms inflicted by dehydration prohibit individuals from accessing their best potential. Therefore, when an individual is hydrated, they can perform and recover at the highest level, producing better results. From working out to taking care of the kids and trying to accomplish a never-ending to-do list, IV therapy is a powerful tool for a nonstop lifestyle as it enhances overall hydration and ability.

how dolce vita uses IV therapy

#1: Now you may be wondering – why do I need an IV when I could drink a glass of water? Hydrating IV Therapy is a solution for those who want immediate relief and recovery. Since IV hydration accesses the bloodstream, it tackles the negative outcomes of dehydration in a faster, efficient, and effective form. Along with the benefits of the IVs, Dolce Vita offers a unique and relaxing environment to stimulate prompt recovery. While receiving the 30-minute treatment, our clients experience a moment to rest that is free from distractions at home and a break from the responsibilities of life.

#2: Our IV bags are full of electrolytes, and you can even choose to add anti-nausea (can be used to help with hang-overs), anti-inflammatory (can be used to help manage pain), or B12 (for energy) to your treatment.

necessary vs helpful

Receiving an IV is an entirely elective process for the client. We are not medically recommending that an IV is necessary for hydration; you could, of course, drink some water or swallow ibuprofen. We have seen that our clients feel great after an IV and the whole process of slowing down while the IV hydrates your body for you is a rejuvenating experience.

Intravenous infusion therapy and any claims made about this infusion have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical disease. These IV infusions are not a substitute for your physician’s care. Hydration is beneficial for patients, but there is no definitive medical benefit besides an overall improved sense of well-being. 

about dolce vita wellness spa

Here at Dolce Vita, we created a space centered around enlivening four vital processes within the body: Respiration, Circulation, Hydration, and Rest. When you step into Dolce Vita, your body and mind will experience relaxation and recovery to the fullest through our calming environment curated for rest.

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